Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

What an awesome time of year to be able to show your gratitude to all the wonderful people who bless our lives, and for the opportunities and blessings that our Heavenly Father has given us.  I got the idea to have both me and Ben share what we are grateful for individually

Britt- I'm so grateful for the missionaries that taught my family and that I have been baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I'm extremely grateful for the knowledge that Heavenly Father loves, and cares about me and any trials that I face .  I know that Jesus Christ died for me, and that through the Atonement and the sacrifice of my Savior and Heavenly Father I will have an opportunity to return and live with Him again.

Without the gospel in my life, I would be empty and wouldn't know true joy.  I don't think I would be nearly as happy as I am now, and have a wonderful husband.  I'm so thankful for missionaries who are spreading the word of God to all of His children around the world, and I love having missionary opportunities.  I love the temple! I'm so happy to have made covenants with God, and learn His doctrine and strengthen my testimony.

I'm so lucky to be able to get such a great education and to learn!  I actually really enjoy school, and it feels so good to work hard and see the outcome.  I hope that one day everyone will be able to gain a good education and use it to better their lives.  I'm so excited to see where my degree takes me, and to have the opportunity in life to work hard and help make a good life for our family.

I'm so grateful for my job!! Thank you good people of rexburg, who love tacos and burritos.  Without your desire I wouldn't be able to work and pay for school, and just life!  HATS OFF TO YA!

Lastly, I'm so thankful for my husband and my family.  I'm grateful for all of the fun experiences we've shared and the trials that we have faced.  I know that everything really does happen for a reason, and all of our trials have a purpose.  I was completely heartbroken when we miscarried and I felt I would never overcome my grief.  I thought about it everyday, but then one day I didn't.  Then that turned into a few days, then a weeks, then a month.  It get's easier.  I know it has because I feel so much comfort when I pray and ask for help.  This trial has strengthened our marriage, and it has made me so excited to add a little bundle into our family!  I love my family and I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful mom and dad, and sisters that love me, and the cutest niece in the whole world. 

Ben- Thanksgiving has always been a day of gratitude and thanks for the blessings god has given me.  This year a huge thing that has stood out to me is seeing the Lord's hand in our family.  Because we are both in college, and work on a tight budget, I have seen the insight and protection of the Lord over and over.  One very recent example is when our car broke down.  The timing was absolutely perfect, the repair costs were minimal, but we found several key problems with our car that we would not have known if it had not been worked on.  These problems would have caused an accident on the already dangerous roads of Idaho, and I can't reiterate how lucky we are to have those problems found so quickly.

The second thing I am grateful for is Brittany.  She is my everything.  I have never loved somone so fully in my entire life.  Everytime, I see her face, my heart literally swells, and I get so happy.  Usually this gets expressed in a fit of kisses, random songs about her, or something annoying, but I can't help it, she makes me happy.  One of the things I'm grateful for in Brittany is that she is a good manager of our home.  She has beautiful decorating sense, something I could never get.  She is hard working and smart, she's been getting great grades this semester!  When we go to bed, we usually have 5 minutes of tormenting each other with tickles, cover hogging, and teasing--my ideal way to go to bed :-).  She and I have joy in our life together, something that is essential for me. Lastly, when we have kids, I know without a doubt that she will be a perfect mother.  I have already learned from these 7 months in our marriage that she has the motherly instincts to raise them in a home with peace, joy and the spirit. 

I love her because she makes my heart sing, and sometimes its annoying for her to endure my bursts of song, but she's learned to smile and cope with it.  I love her because she makes my life complete, and that is what I'm most thankful for this thanksgiving.

 We had such a great thanksgiving! We weren't able to be with family down in Utah, but we celebrated with my Taco-Bell Family instead! It was so nice just to get together, and there was an insane amount of food.  I brought a couple of dishes, funeral potatoes, an apple pie, and a spinach and strawberry salad....Which is delicious by the way!

Spinach and Strawberry Salad
Bag of spinach
1 quart strawberries, halved
Glazed walnuts
Slivered almonds
Handful of craizins
and some Raspberry Vinaigrette

I'm going to try to make another pie on Sunday, and hopefully it won't get burnt ;)

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  1. I loved reading your post. You sound like you guys are doing really well and are really happy. What great things to be thankful for! Also, I really want to make the strawberry salad, thanks for the recipe! It looks so good!