Sunday, November 21, 2010

Carrer Changes and Ker Plunk Goes our Car!


We have been having a very eventful weekend! I'm a total planner and I can't stand not knowing where we are going to be a year from now for school and work.  Ben is doing his internship next semester (we find out in a couple of weeks where he'll be!), and then he has about 2 semesters left till he graduates!  Oh, and if you haven't heard the big news.  Ben is not applying to a any physicians assistant programs, but is continuing his education in clinical psychology.  We'll be in school forever!!! But it's all good, because this is what he loves and has so much passion for, and is insanely brilliant and it's pretty much just his niche.  So we are looking all over the place.  Except Idaho, I told Ben that he can go anywhere in the world for school and I'd follow him, except Idaho.  I'm over it! Nothing against anyone, I just need a change of scenery :)  I'm trying to convince him to seriously consider schools back in NY, because we will be starting to add to our little family in not to long and I really want to be closer to my family.  I miss them so much! I almost started crying the other day, because I missed my 3 years old niece's birthday party.  Anyone he seems pretty interested in the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, so who knows where on earth we'll end up.  All I know is I'm so excited for our adventures! Ben is going to get his PhD in Clinical Psychology, he wants to teach at a university and do counseling with more severe mental illnesses as well.  It's funny though how we came back to this.  Originally when I first met Ben his was his goal, his desire.  But after we got married he started to get worried that he wouldn't be able to make a lot of money doing it, so he decided to go into the health field as a physicians assistant.  I started doing all this research about schools, programs, requirements, the whole nine yards.  I noticed something though when I talked to Ben about all this on multiple occasions that he didn't seem to have the same excitement like he did with psychology.  Finally a few days ago, I was looking at schools while he was at work.  He called me on his break to say hi, and I just flat out asked him Do you really want to be a physicians assistant?  haha well, he had some surprising news for me, he said that he'd been really thinking about it the last few weeks, and was so confused, so he thought about it some, talked about it with people, and about a week ago he got the strong impression that he should follow his passion in psychology!  He said that he didn't want to tell me until he was 100% positive, because he didn't want to seem like he couldn't make up his mind!   Surprisingly, instead of me freaking out, I was sooooo HAPPY!!! I know that he is going to be a great psychologist, as long as he doesn't practice anything on me haha. 

Another crazy event happened on saturday.  I driving to work I pass the round about and I'm about 2 minutes late,  all of a sudden the car starts to slow down and I can't believe it! I start pumping the gas thinking that i was just running out of gas, and I was 2 blocks away but I didn't have a gas gallon thingy in the trunk to walk to get gas.  I'm able to make it to the gas station, and I was like "thank you!!!", I'm rummaging  through my bag trying to find my wallet, and of course I didn't bring it with me! I start to cry a little, trying to find money somehow in the car! NO LUCK!!!!! 5 mins late for work....I very bravely in my opinion, walked over the the guy pumping his gas next to me, and I used my charm and my watery eyes, and he put $5 of gas in my car!!! YOU ARE A VERY GOOD PERSON GAS GUY!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Well I thought that was the end of my problem, so I drive off and I get like 20 ft.  and it starts to slow down again! CRAP!  I start to cry, get to work and I'm beyond upset...I don't have a very good track record with this car so of course I think that this is my fault.  I'm work for like an hour, then a co-worker comes in and I tell him what happened and I beg him to let me go home and get my wallet to put gas in it, or drop it off with Ben to get it looked at.  So I can barely start the car, and I'm pumping the gas the whole way home trying to get the car to accelerate...By now, I'm pretty sure it's not out of gas because I put like a gallon and a half into it.  Well I'm holding my breath the whole way home, make it into our parking spot and the car just dies, and there is all this black smokey exhaust like stuff coming out of the back of the car.  I walk Ben up freaking out and we call Alan our friend and ask him to pick me up and bring me to work.  HE'S AWESOME!  Turns out we had like a billion things wrong with our car, some belt broke, only the back left brake was working, a couple of weird bolt things were broken, something happened with the spark plugs in something, and we were out of brake fluid. 

You can tell by my description that I know EVERYTHING about cars!! hahaha

Well, Our awesome home teacher's brother is a mechanic and he looked at our car and total cost was like $325, for all the labor (pretty much the whole day) and all the parts! We also lucked out because our car is really old and not common, so when something broke they thought that it would take at least a week for it to get here, which would mean no Thanksgiving in Utah :(

We sure did luck out though, turns out someone ordered this part a year ago and they never came to pick it up! So we bought it and our car is fixed!!!! YEA! The timing was just perfect because it was on a day when Ben didn't work, the mechanic was completely free, and before we headed down to utah.  The mechanic said that if we had driven on the highway something would have snapped when we tried to acclerate that much and we probably would have gotten into a bad accident. 

A terrible day turned into a happy day!


  1. ha ha I just have to say I loved your description of what was wrong with your car... lol. That's so great that you had so many people that were able to help you out and that now your car is fixed. I'm glad to hear you and Ben are doing so well! Miss you!

  2. DUDE!! We just put almost $300 into my hunk of junk to fix the water pump!!! Cars are so gay!

  3. whew! glad you guys got the car stuff all figured out! Hopefully you have a great and safe time in Utah with family for Thanksgiving.