Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Silly Things We Do

So I have a few kind of weird quirky things.  I can't have any doors open in our home without getting anxiety (I'm for real).  Even when Brynlee is playing with her toy kitchen I find myself constantly shutting her little door because it drives nuts. I also can't stand when puzzles aren't finished!  Brynlee has these 3 little wooden puzzles that she loves, but she will decide to take each puzzle and dump out all of the pieces and then put half of them away and then leave the rest.  I think she actually likes scattering the pieces more than anything haha.  One of Brynlee's funny little things is instead of saying "Thank You" she simply says "To".  It started when she was like 10 months old and we thought it was just the cutest thing so we kind of just accepted it as Thank You.  But, now that she can actually say thank you, she still does it and it kind of drives me nuts.  Brynlee also does this funny little head but with me at the end of the night.  When we are reading books in bed she will cuddle up and then randomly start laughing, smiling, and then gently head but me!  It doesn't hurt and we are both laughing through the whole things.  It's really the funniest thing.

Another odd thing I do is I plan out clothing a little obsessively.  I hope this doesn't sound vain, but I love picking out cute outfits for Brynlee, it's one of my favorite things in the world haha.  At least when she's throwing a fit over something she looks cute (obviously afterwards when she's said sorry!).  It kind of relieves some stress. We love our comfy clothes too though!

So we have a limited budget for clothes and I try to save as much as I can.  I usually don't buy clothes in-store, rather online during really good sales (and ebay!).  We have a pretty good system down so I only end up buying Brynlee clothes like every few months inside of going out on a regular basis just to browse.  I plan out Brynlee's clothes using a little site called Polyvore.  When I'm browsing online I will clip a product to polyvore and create a set of items.  This just helps me to keep track of what Brynlee has in regards to pants, skirts/dresses, and tops.  It's a good way for me to organize and think about what we really need to buy her and it helps me to see how I get the most out of each piece of clothing by just swapping different parts out for a new outfits.  I love that I can plan outfits on it!  It's just a little fun thing for me to do :) So I subscribe to newsletters from my favorite stores to get updates on sales and I also get special coupons.  And slowly check off the items on my list depending on which store is having a sale.  I typically spend enough to get free shipping on my orders as well which saves us extra money.  Another thing is opening up the store credit card (but paying it off in full each month you use it) and using that I will get an even better discount.  Also you get like loyalty money from alot of stores when you use their credit card.  For every certain amount they will give you a credit that you can use for an order.

Here's my most recent little outfit planner for Brynlee as she's getting bigger and more and more clothes aren't fitting her.  Can you tell I like little jean jackets!

My Kid Has Style- Sprint 2014

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