Thursday, December 5, 2013


We are so excited right now!  Before this time next year we will be completely out of credit card debt (and will NEVER get back into it).  So we have been really productive with our finances right now and cut back our spending quite a bit.  Which is kind of hard to do around the holidays, but it's okay :) We are finally starting to start to save for a down payment on a home, haha in like three years.  We are still good with living in an apartment (or renting a townhome hopefully soon) for another couple of years to save up quite a bit.  We also don't really want to purchase a house in Idaho because we know that we won't be here for more then like 2 years tops. Brynlee will be just two years old still, so she will only see the magic of Christmas and not sitting there counting how many birthday and Christmas presents she got.  However, we did get her one big present for her birthday and one big present for Christmas.  I actually feel really bad for her that her birthday is just a couple days before Christmas.  We make every effort to not lump the two together, but unfortunately some of our family has forgotten that her birthday is not the same as Christmas.  Now I'm not saying that she needs double the gifts or anything. But simply taking one gift from Christmas and wrapping it up in birthday paper with a little birthday card is good enough for us.  We never want her to feel like her birthday isn't as special as others because it's right before a huge holiday.  We think that when she is a little older we are going to celebrate her half birthday in June with the whole party shebang, and then just do cake on her actual's still in the works!

Anyways I've know become like addicted to looking at houses haha.  A little bit to far in advance, but if we stay on track with what we are saving (and that will just about double as soon as cards are paid off) we have a good budget to start with when looking for what type of home we would like.  It's funny to see how different two people are!  Ben would rather have an older home with a little bit more space and I'm the opposite.  I'd rather have a newer home that's nice and may not have as much square footage.  We have decided though that a basement is a must (finished or unfinished is still the debate), we need 4+ bedrooms, and we need a yard.  We'd both rather our kids have smaller individual rooms than sharing a room.

So enough with that.  I'm just happy that we are on track and life is good!! :)

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