Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ideas for Brynlee's Birthday

Okay, so how bad is it that we aren't doing a party?  We did a nice one last year for her first birthday but I feel like the worst mom ever, since we don't have any family coming up and not many friends around here.   Since Brynlee's birthday is December 21st we decided that we are going to do a half birthday party for her in the June when family can come out.  Every adult that I have talked to that has had a birthday really close to Christmas has expressed to me that they feel like there birthday always got combined with Christmas instead of being it's own celebration.  They also told me that growing up it was hard for parents to throw parties for them because people are so busy with the holiday and out of town.  I REALY don't want Brynlee to ever feel like her birthday is lumped in with the holiday because both are so important!  Birthdays are special and only happen once a year and Christmas is special because it celebrates the birth of Christ and is only once a year.  haha it seems like there may not be enough room for both of them!!

So since her second birthday is going to be a family celebration for the three of us this year I've been trying to come up with some ideas :)

  • Birthday breakfast- have balloons and a birthday banner and do a fun breakfast like clown pancakes just fun little designs with food and maybe sprinkle bananas (seriously they are delicious haha)
  • Play and have fun in the morning with the balloons and let her open a couple of presents 
  • Nap time in our birthday pajamas 
  • I-jump for wee-jump time 
  • Probably McDonalds (her favorite play place haha) or Denny's for birthday dinner 
  • Home for birthday cake, a couple more presents, and a birthday movie.  
I think like that sounds like a pretty fun day! Last year I kind of went all out with her birthday but it's been much more difficult this time around because of how sick we have all been.  I think she'll have a nice birthday though with lots of fun and love :) 

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun!!!! I told Tim we have to do something fun for Kenneth's birthday because I don't ever want him to feel like it gets lumped together with Christmas either. Luckily both our parents understand that and have gotten him both Christmas and Birthday presents. I mainly want to start celebrating his half birthday so he gets toys two times a year instead of all at once. :)