Friday, January 11, 2013

We Have So Much To Be Grateful For

I had an awesome experience last night at Joann's.  I went in to get just a yard of this fabulous rosette fabric for a little girls newborn shoot that I have coming up.  The lady was so helpful and sweet.  While she was cutting my fabric she asked what I was using it for.  I explained to her how I was starting out in photography and I was using the fabric for a newborn shoot.  She went on to share with me how excited she was to be a grandma again.  Her daughter was just past 22 weeks and they had found out that she was having a boy.  I told her that I was offering newborn sessions at a discounted rate and gave her the address to my website.  She was so happy and said that this little baby boy was going to be a very special spirit.

All of a sudden this sweet women just started crying.  She explained how they had found out just just a couple of weeks ago at the ultrasound that he had spina bifida.  He was going to have a very long and rough road ahead of him.  He will probably never be able to walk without crutches, but may very well be bound to a wheelchair.  They were going to have to have him in Salt Lake City because he will need surgeries immediately after he is born.  As she was telling me this and tears were rolling down her eyes, I couldn't help but join her.  You never think that anything would be wrong with your child.  I would rather have something wrong with me then with Brynlee.  We complain about little things on a daily basis, but how often do we recognize the amazing blessings that we have.  She explained to me how much it would mean to her to have some pictures taken of him.  I leaned over the counter to give her a hug and told her that I would be honored if you would let me take his newborn pictures without any cost.  I explained to her how my sister in law had just been a recipient of new kidney.  Her healthy young women's leader said that she felt prompted by the Spirit to do that for her.  I told this sweet women that this is something so small, but I wanted to do it for them and that I felt like this is something that I needed to do not only for them but for me as well.  I explained to her that I had this strong feeling that I needed to offer this to them.  She was so appreciative and then started crying again, but she was because she was grateful.  I kept fighting back the tears.  Who would think that something so simple such as a photograph could mean so much.  I don't think it was necessarily the fact that I was going to be taking his newborn pictures for free, but I was willing to give of myself to help someone else.  

I'm sharing this story, because this experience really touched my heart.  I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the health and happiness that we have.  I think that we all need a reminder at times, that life could be so much harder than it is.  We need to acknowledge the blessings that we have and look for ways to bless others. 

I think we all can get caught up in a world of always comparing ourselves to others; whether it's where we live, our jobs, income, or even our talents.  I need to stop comparing myself to anyone else and be less self centered.  I want to direct that energy into ways in which I can help someone else.  I think I'm going to come up with some more ways in which I can help others.  I've been throwing this idea around with Ben, about offering a free photography session for terminally ill patients, I just need to figure out the logistics and details.  Maybe partnering up with hospice?   There's isn't anything more satisfying then being able to help someone by simply doing what you love.        

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