Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lava Hot Springs Extravaganza

One of our new years resolutions this year for us is to make the most out of our free time, and to have as many ADVENTURES and EXPERIENCES as possible together.  We've got less then a year left here in good ol' Idaho, so we want to do as many things as possible.  Each month we are going to try something new in a new place.

Let me just say that I love planning these fun little excursions and I get so excited!!  

For December.....we had an awesome time in Jackson Hole Wyoming (see previous post for the fun details), and just a few days ago for one of our January Adventures we went out to Lava Hot Springs, ID and went cross-country skiing and then had an amazing time at the hot springs.

When we were driving out to Lava Hot Springs I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful it is out here.  Idaho beauty is different from other places I've seen, it's just so unique and well....there isn't a whole lot out here so you really get a better understanding how much God loves us because he has created such beautiful places.  


After driving and getting us lost (once again) we finally got to our little site to go cross-country skiing.  It was such a blast! I hadn't been for about a year, and Ben had never been so this was going to be a fun time!  
First time up!

First time down, just a few minutes later     
We had such a fun time skiing.  Another goal of mine is to take more pictures! I want a really good pictures from every adventure we take!  This one bellow is probably my favorite
We're such goobers! 

After fooling around for a while on our skies we decided to make some snow angels and do a little sledding.  They had sleds that we could use that they kept in the warming hut, so it was pretty SWEET!

Of course we have to take goofy pictures and act like complete boobs....and for your enjoyment 

We hit up the Chuck Wagon Restaurant afterward, and surprisingly it had one of the best burgers I've ever had.  It was so thick and juicy, with bacon, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, a lot of onions, it was so DELICIOUS.  YUMMY! We definitely deserved it after I good workout! 

Before heading home we spotted at the local natural Hot Springs that they are know for.  I would recommend anyone going to these! It was HOT! Litterally, it was so cool though and it felt like it was burning my skin at first because they are outside so you are walking outside in below freezing temps, in a bathing suit, then you hop in a pool that is over 100! 

It was crazy how steamy everything was...
Every played the game where's waldo?? Try the game WHERE'S BEN?!
Let me tell ya! It was worth the drive! 

The pools are all natural water with no chemicals! When we got out you feel like your skin just got exfoliated.  I think my favorite part was that there wasn't a ton of people there so it was pretty private ;) and the bottoms of the pools are made out of gravel, so it just feels to natural and good on your feet.

It was such a wonderful day! I can't wait for our next little trip! :)

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