Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm already looking forward to the Fall!

Since I'm taking the last class I need for my associate degree to be completed (finally) and next fall and winter I'm going to be only taking major classes and then some practical classes that I think will be useful for us.  Here's what I'm going to try to get into! Cross your lil' fingers for me!

Home Decor Sewing (HFED 221-02)- yes I want to learn how to be a really good sewer.  I have the basic skills and Ben's getting me a sewing machine for my birfday :) I just think it will be a good skill to have who knows maybe I will be the best sewer ever and make beautiful projects and sell them for tons of mola! Just kidding but I really do want to have this skill I think it will totally save us money! I'm on a kick about provident living right now

           If you haven't checked the site shame on you! DO IT NOW! Seriously get off of this page and go look at it.  It's all stuff that we need to be reminded off

Intro to Business Management 

Business Fundamentals I 

Principles of Business Mgmt 

Human Resource Management  


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