Sunday, August 10, 2014

Beckett's 1 Month Old!

We made it through our first month- holy cow it has flown by super quick.  Beckett is such an awesome baby.  He pretty much just eats and sleeps.  He's like a power nurser too and it only takes like 15 minutes to feed him.

Brynlee is my little helper and LOVES her baby brother.  Sometimes just a little too rough haha she is constantly checking on him and likes to hold him now.  But when he gets fussy and she's holding him she really doesn't want to give him up.  She loves to rest her face on his and kiss him.  They are going to be so stinking cute together.

Beckett is one big kid! He was 11 lbs. 6 oz.  and is pretty long to.  He's just our little linebacker and I love those cheeks.  I understand why Brynlee is always touching them haha.

It amazes me how much he sleeps.  At night time he only nursers twice a night.  Once at 3am and then again around 7am.  He's so easy though because he just eats and goes right back to sleep.  It's weird not having to walk around shushing and bouncing and swaying for hours at a time.  Brynlee was really colicky for the first 6 weeks so life was prety difficult.  I feel like we have a better handle on it this time around :)

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