Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Baby Bug

Oh it happened!  Remember me saying that I wasn't baby hungry...yea not anymore.  Just in the last few weeks we have been thinking and talking about it a lot.  Ben has been wanting us to have another baby for quite some time, but it's me that is a little more hesitant   It's probably because Brynlee is getting older and I see how much she LOVES babies and plays so well with other kids (well, usually).  We want to try to get pregnant sometime in August or September.  I don't care what anyone says; I really really want a summer baby.  I know how hard it is firsthand with Brynlee being born so close to Christmas and we want to try and spread the joy out throughout the year.  Obviously there is only so much we can control though, so I will just cross my fingers :)  I already have names picked out though for a boy or a girl.  I'm going to be keeping them a secret though!  Seriously I don't want to tell anyone until he/she is born.  And no- neither of them start with a B.

Mothers day was good, but to be honest it was a rough day for us.  Brynlee didn't go down for a nap before Church so when we got there she was over-tired and just wanted to run around like crazy.  Eventually we ended up leaving after the first two hours so Brynlee could get a nap in before dinner and I didn't lose my mind.  Ben asked me what I wanted him to make me for dinner and I told him; honestly I want Olive Garden!  I have been dying for some lately so he was sweet enough to take me out for dinner right when I wanted it.  He's a champ.

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  1. I want our next baby to be a summer baby too. Jonathan thinks I'm nuts, but I keep envisioning birthday pool parties with water balloons and squirt guns. I say go for it!