Monday, June 6, 2011


So really being off track has been quite boring for me!  I cut back on my hours at work because standing all day long on my feet smelling taco meat is not my favorite thing to do.

Really it's been a really quiet Spring.  Ben's in school and keeping BUTT! And he's working super hard at his new job.  He can proudly say that he no longer works at Wal-Mart and has a cool new job at this company called Freedom.  It's a third party sales company that provides internet, cable, and phone services.  He's done some sales (which is a plus because you get commission) but he works a lot in the office billing customers and following up with services.  He really enjoys it and has a great group of co-workers.  It's a really small business and they only have 4 office workers and like 20 sales employees.  Funny thing is that all the guys who work in the office (including the owner) there wives are all pregnant.  I bet work sometimes seems like a relief! :)

Other then work I've just had BABY on the mind.  All the time!  I have convinced myself that we are going to have a girl but we can't find out until the first week of August.  Feels so far away!  We have a few neutral onesies, and then I have bought a few girly clothes too (nothing so far for a boy).  The closer we get to finding out the more excited we get! A girl would be adorable and so fun to dress and I only have sisters, and pretty much have only babysat girls lol so I think I would feel a little bit more prepared if we may a girl.  BUT A BOY! Oh he would be so MUCH FUN!  I can only imagine a little Ben and that just makes me crack up.  Little boys love there moms and it would be so fun!  Either way we are excited for either one!

I got to thinking the other night that we should probably start buying the essential baby items slowly now before we are far into the pregnancy.  Today I went onto Amazon Mom and we got some diapers, bulk baby wipes, bulk baby cream, a first year book, and bulk nursing cream.  The nice thing about Amazon Mom is you actually save money! They have free 2 day shipping which is pretty nice, after I did the math we saved a little over $20.  So you have to research some items to see if you will actually save money.

So I spent almost 2 hours today all on different websites researching what exactly a newborn needs and the little things that you don't realize it until you bring the baby home, and what some people said that they couldn't live without.  I made a huge wish list on Amazon and slowly every two weeks we are going to get stuff.  That way we are paying as we go and not just dropping a huge amount of money at once.  It's a little easier on our bank account and allows us to budget better for the expenses.

This is what we are going to be getting in 2 weeks.  I'm so excited!! Isn't it adorable! It has awesome reviews and was recommend by Fit Pregnancy and American Baby and one of the best swings of the year.  Even better, right now Amazon is selling for $80 less then retail.  It has an electric swings that can swing head to toe or side to side.  Two sound effects and 14 songs, 6 different soothing lullabies and 8 musical tracks.  The swing is one of the items that everybody has told is worth a little extra $


  1. Remember when you told me I would be pregnant before you. You predicted we would have a baby within our first year....I HATE SCHOOL!!!

  2. Britt...I've got some buying suggestions for you!